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Brno Reprezent + Věc Makropulos

20:00 | vstupné 130 Kč


Warning Vision, BigBoss

18. 10. 2018 | bude doplněno

Restart TOUR 2018

19. 10. 2018 | bude doplněno

Tankard, ČAD, Catastrofy, Warfect

20. 10. 2018 | 530 Kč

Azaghal, Sekhmet, Antzaat

24. 10. 2018 | 200 Kč/ 250 Kč


25. 10. 2018 | bude doplněno

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Jay Delver // Piece of Love

25. 05. 2018 | 20:00

CENA: 100

PLUS: Moonway Defender & PotU



Jay Delver, a creature brought to life by five individuals working hard to unite all their influences into a common result. The outcome is a colourful mixture of funk-influenced grooves supporting melodies straight out of the 70s songwriters' dictionary all coated in a modern sound of an up-to-date band with a bit of pop on the side.




Čtyři nadějní muzikanti z Brna a jejich společný hudební projekt.


PIXELS OF THE UNIVERSE (electro/house/dnb/rap/pop)


Czechoslovak trio mix influences from electro/house/dnb/rap/pop to form their own music universe. Let yourself fall into the immersive sounds of drums, bass, synths and vocals on the release party of their first singel and new music video.


Tato událost na Facebooku.


  • Tankard (GER)
  • Decapitated (PL)
  • Pro-Pain (USA)
  • Hańba (PL)
  • Keep of Kalessin (NOR)
  • Pathology (USA)
  • Misery Index (USA)
  • Árstíðir (ISL)
  • Pyrexia (USA)
  • Znouzectnost
  • a další

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